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Put a Pirate in your pasture!

Our Dashing Stallions

At Jolly Roger Sport Horses, we know you want the best for your mares. Yes, our stallions carry some amazing colors, but you’re here because like us, you demand soundness, temperament, conformation, versatility, and pedigree first. Color is simply the cherry on top that makes your foal stand out as part of your own string, or makes that potential buyer do a double-take and think "Whoa! This horse has it all!" We know you wouldn’t sacrifice color for high standards, and neither will we. Pirates never compromise!

Alekhzander is a glorious six-year old chestnut Arabian sabino with one blue-eye. He has an exotic Arabian presence coupled with a mane dripping to his shoulders and English motion.

Available: $1000. Terms available. Click here for more pictures and information about Zander.

Our senior stallion, Apacheblu Radyance is known around here as "Rio." Looking for color with elegance and correctness? Rio carries the Arabian sabino, rabicano, splash, and blue-eyed gene. Both of his foals thus far have been sabino fillies. With CMK and Huckleberry Bey, this pirate is performance bred.

SOLD to the A. Family, Oregon! Click here for more pictures and information about Rio.

Innishfael Tribal is our tall, flaxen, and handsome Arabian pirate. Copper chestnut with white sabino, standing 15 hands as a three-year old, Tribal's flaxen locks could make you ask him for his autograph. Stretchy and modern, this lad has hunter and western movement, and we hope to have his first foal on the ground in 2012.

SOLD! to Debbie, Oregon. Click here for more pictures and information about Tribal.

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