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The In Utero and Custom Dream Foal

We’re proud to offer In Utero and Custom Dream Foal options here at Jolly Roger Sport Horses. All it takes is a deposit, and you can make payments spread out over as much as a year in order to make horse ownership more affordable. How do you get started? First you need to pick one of our programs.

In Utero Foal
Choose a Jolly Roger mare that we‘ve bred and is already in foal. You purchase the in utero foal that the mare is expecting. We do not guarantee a color or gender, but you’ll get a wonderful foal at a lower cost than if you waited until after birth. And you get to be involved from the first moment your colt or filly takes a breath. We’ll send you regular updates both before and after foaling.

Custom Dream Foal
You check out the mares and stallions available at Jolly Roger. We then breed whichever of our mares to the stallion of your choice. Unless specified in the contract, we make no guarantee of the color or gender of your dream foal, but the pedigree and parentage will be just what you dreamed about because in this case, wishes are horses!

We’ll also send you regular updates both before and after foaling. Please check with us if you’d like to have one of our mares bred to a stallion not owned by Jolly Roger Sport Horses.

Tell Me More...
There is a Live Foal Guarantee (LFG), which guarantees your foal not only stands and nurses, but passes a well-foal check-up. We will take care of your foal with no boarding charge until he or she is weaned, which will be between four and six months of age. After your foal is weaned, we allow two weeks of free board for you to arrange for transportation of your new colt or filly.

You are responsible to pay for all of the foal's veterinary bills, farrier, worming, and so forth, except the well-foal check after birth, which we pay for. While we cannot guarantee the foal's sex or color (except in rare cases), we can offer you an excellent quality, healthy, and beautiful foal who will be a wonderful equine co-conspirator. After your foal is born, we strongly encourage you to consider insurance for it.

Bella at three weeks old

Your foal will have basic groundwork and education, and you‘ll receive a Jolly Roger care package with your new colt or filly. The foal will have the appropriate paperwork for registration, or be registered with the appropriate breed association(s) as determined by the registries of the sire and dam. We will be on record as the breeder of the foal.

Please contact us for more information and to see a contract.

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