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Raydeantly Famous - "Faye"
(Claiming all the Fame X Raydeance)
2006 Half-Arabian Mare - 15.2 Hands

Bred by: Star Creek Arabians and Pintos, Oregon

Chestnut and white tobiano pinto ½ Arabian National Show Horse filly.

Faye has the glamour, elegance and style to leave you clamoring for more. Her head is more dry and chiseled than many purebred Arabians, yet she has the benefit of Saddlebred height, motion, all wrapped up in a delicious tobiano pinto package. Check out that small muzzle, larges eyes and tippy ears. She has a lovely shoulder set, complemented by her upper arm and rear angulation. You won’t see any crossing or weaving when she moves--and she's naturally upright! Intensely curious, Faye always wants to see what you’re doing but is willing to turn on the snort-and-blow for that show horse attitude you need in the ring.

Raydeantly Famous ("Faye") - Half-Arabian, National Show Horse
Click here for a larger view of Faye.

Faye's sire, Claiming All The Fame, is a tall, striking homozygous pinto black and white tobiano stallion. He is double registered as an American Saddlebred and a Pinto. Although young, he shows great promise and Faye is from his second foal crop. Soon his get will be old enough to show under saddle, and make their mark in the Saddlebred and Pinto rings. While carrying a beautiful hooked, swan neck, he doesn’t have the overlong, saggy topline and back you see in some lines. He has the kind of strength and correctness that could easily translate into sport horse classes or make for good inspection scores.

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Winterburn Rose
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Raydeance Ray Dor Echo Aladdinn Echo
Ray-Dor Galigai
WA Celebration Dedication
Lakesides Gazella

Claiming All The Fame’s pedigree traces back to greats such as HHP Aire Command and six-time World Grand Champion Five-Gaited horse, Wing Commander.

Her dam, Raydeance, is a Ray Dor Echo daughter. Ray Dor Echo was the U.S. National Futurity Champion. His sire, Aladdinn Echo, was a Scottsdale Jr. and Sr. Champion. Her Arabian side traces to such greats as Aladdinn, Gamaar, and Gai Parada+++/.

Click here for a larger view of Faye.

Perfectly marked 50/50 white and chestnut, Faye’s coloration is striking from any angle. In addition to being eligible for all half-Arabian shows, if you’d like, Faye can be double registered as a pinto, and triple registered as a National Show Horse to give you more breeding and showing options. This is a mare whom will never be over-looked no matter what direction you take her.

On April 24, 2010, Faye had her first foal, and she's a beautiful pinto with a great shoulder and loads of color. Don't let her get by you without a look!

Click here for Faye's foal's page.

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